There are several different options for rock and mulch we can use around your home. Rocks and mulch are great additions to consider biannually because they help prevent weeds, hold necessary moisture, and provide a border for flower and shrub beds.

Rock is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Homeowners can choose rock to match the color of their home, front door or other features. Rock that has been crushed into small pebbles makes a good border material because it allows water to flow through. The rock is installed at least four inches deep after being arranged in the desired pattern. Rock borders can also double as flower beds if flowers or annuals are planted between them during the springtime. Types of rock often used include granite, limestone, quartz, shale, and slate. Our most popular rock used in the Grand Strand area is Carolina river rock.

Rock can come in many different colors so homeowners can choose particular rock to match the color of their home, front door or other feature. For example, rock that is black tends to reflect heat whereas rock that is red will absorb more heat than something like green rock. Red rock is therefore great for areas where there are plants which aren't used to getting much sun because it will help reduce water loss due to evaporation.

Mulch is an alternative option for rock. It can be made out of bark, crushed cedar or other organic matter and used to cover the soil surrounding trees and shrubs. Mulch traps moisture in the soil around plant roots which allows them to grow during dry spells. Mulch also deters weed growth because it covers up their seeds so they cannot sprout. Popular types of mulch include maple bark, cedar bark, and pine bark.

In terms of benefits, rock and mulch both help retain water. They both also help prevent weed growth, which goes hand-in-hand with making homes more visually appealing. Rock or gravel can serve as a border that will last years without much maintenance whereas mulch may need regular replacement throughout the year.

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