Spend more time enjoying your backyard with a Superior Pergola or Gazebo.

Pergolas were originally built as an outdoor living space for homes in Italy during the 17th century. Today pergolas act as shade structures, trellises, or serve as walkways. There are many different pergola styles including: Greek, Roman, Tuscan, Italian, gothic arches and horseshoe pergolas. Pergolas can be attached to your home or built independently near the house. Typically pergolas are constructed over patios, making them the perfect area to spend time outside with friends and family enjoying fresh air. They provide protection from the sun by casting a shadow but also allow air to flow through. Pergolas can also be used as a trellis where plants can grown up and around. Overall, pergolas are excellent for perking up your dull yard or garden.

A pergola can also be used as a trellis where perishable plants are allowed to grow up or through them. Pergolas can provide shade to the house and keep it cooler during the summer months. They also typically increase your home's value.


Gazebo shelters have a roof but no walls - similar to pergolas. They provide shade and allow you enjoy outdoor activities during any season. They also serve as a comfy outdoor space where people sit back and relax after strenuous activities or yard work.

One of the most important aspects of a gazebo or a pergola is the build and wood quality. If you purchase a low-quality gazebo or pergola, then it will break easily and probably need to be replaced after just a few years. On the other hand, if you purchase our SUPERIOR product, you can expect your investment will last for many years.

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