Hardscape build options include walls, water features, fire pits, patios, terraces, paths or walkways and more!

Our hardscape designs are usually built of stone or concrete but may also be made using bricks, tiles, pavers or timbers.

Pavers are mainly made out of concrete that has been molded into flat shapes. Our pavers can come in different designs to suit any hardscape design or budget  you have in mind. Hardscape pavers come in different colors and finishes so we can match any home exterior design style you want to achieve.

Interlocking pavers can be designed into various shapes and colors that complement the design of your outdoor living space. They are versatile enough to accommodate any hardscape design you want to achieve, whether it's an elegant, patterned patio, a brick-style pathway through your yard or even a driveway. Interlocking hardscape pavers are preferred in situations where adjacent pavers will be subjected to heavy weights such as driveways. Interlocking pavers can withstand more weight than other types of decorative pavers because it creates an interlocking system that locks the pavers down providing strength and support for vehicles to park on.

Fire pits are a popular way to spruce up your outdoor living space, especially fire pits made out of pavers. Patio stone pavers are an ideal choice for a fire pit. They are fire resistant and fireproof. Most people nowadays choose to install a fire pit on their patios or outdoor living spaces because they are useful, enjoyable and add to your home's value. Fire pits are useful because they provide warmth on cold nights or gloomy days. You can gather around it and enjoy each other's company while enjoying the feeling of being outdoors during those chilly evenings or overcast days.

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