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Looking for reliable Myrtle Beach boat dock builders? Dock builders at Superior Contractors can help! With years of experience under our belt, we can design and build a boat dock to fit your needs. Whether you have a pleasure craft or a skiff, our boat docks can be custom built based on your specifications! As one of the best Myrtle Beach dock builders, we get you the dock of your dreams.

We are Experienced Boat Dock Builders in Myrtle Beach

Having easy and dependable access to your boat is important when you live on the water. As Myrtle Beach boat dock builders, we have helped many families with the dock construction of their dreams. Whether you are repairing your current boat dock or creating a brand new one, we can help you determine the right style and look for the way you want to enjoy the water.

We provide free estimates for all projects, so we carefully consider a variety of factors before we build:

  • Where will you build your boat dock?
  • What kind of water are you building on?
  • What is the depth?
  • How are you using the boat dock? Will you want to relax on it or will it mainly be used for docking purposes?

As Myrtle Beach boat dock builders, we understand the environmental factors that impact your home or business. As such, our recommendations for fixed or floating dock construction are based not only on our personal expertise but the specific conditions of your location. What’s the difference?

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Fixed Dock

When you think about docks, fixed docks are what you normally think about. These docks are stationary with pillars that support the dock by reaching the floor underwater. If you are in an area with high currents or frequently choppy waters, a fixed dock is the best option. Together with our years of experience and design, our fixed docks are made to withstand the elements.

Fixed docks are also versatile and can be designed for many uses. This includes boat docks, viewing platforms and fishing piers. Depending on their intended use and the depth of the water the dock sits above, this can determine the cost of the dock itself.

Cost can also be determined by the materials used in construction. Specially treated marine wood is generally used in dock construction, though steel is sometimes an option. As for the deck, we generally used marine treated wood, but there are composite PVC options as well.

Ready for a beautiful and functional addition to your seaside property? Call Superior Contractors at 843-593-2201, Myrtle Beach's top boat dock builders today..

Floating Dock

The other type of dock that is available is a floating dock. This type of dock is ideal for areas where there are large influxes of water such as from tides. While not connected to the seafloor, the dock is connected to your land and can move up and down with the tides. This dock is also ideal for areas where pilings on a fixed dock may not work too well.

While there is less flexibility in terms of construction and uses, floating docks make excellent boat docks and fishing docks. Superior Contractors can help you decide the best option for your property.

Why Superior Contractors?

Superior Contractors offers many services including fencing, decks, walkways, and bulkheads. As a veteran-owned business with over 7 years of experience, we know what it takes to get the job done. Together with our values of honesty, integrity, and reliability, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have a polished finished product that will exceed your expectations. We only use the highest quality marine-treated materials, which gives you a great and long-lasting final product that can be used for years to come.

As your go-to Myrtle Beach boat dock builders, we will help you determine which type of dock construction works best for you. For more information on dock construction in Myrtle Beach, contact us today for a free estimate.

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