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Top Deck Construction in Myrtle Beach

Superior Contractors has nearly a decade of experience designing and building various property improvement structures in the Myrtle Beach area. Whether it’s a dock for fishing, a bulkhead to prevent erosion, or fencing to add privacy, Superior Contractors has the experience to create the outdoor space that you have always dreamed about.

We Provide Myrtle Beach Deck Construction

As premier Myrtle Beach deck building contractors, we specialize in projects that are custom-built to last hot summer days and survive the unforgiving stormy weather. We offer a variety of deck construction services, but they all start with the deck base construction.

Myrtle Beach Deck

Myrtle Beach Deck Base Construction

Whether your deck is small and simple or large and elaborate, deck base construction is your starting point. The foundation of your deck, solid deck base construction provides the support of your entire deck structure. From there, we can build out your deck to give you the outdoor space you have always wanted. As a top Myrtle Beach deck base construction company, we understand the importance and value of laying a strong and lasting foundation.

Myrtle Beach Low-Deck Construction (or Ground-level Deck)

Low-deck construction is close to the ground. Low decks are a good option for beach walkways and yards where protection from water or the ground itself is desirable to the home or business owner. A low deck can be a great place to grill on the weekends or a stable platform to enjoy your backyard. Traditionally, gravel or rocks are placed underneath the low-deck base construction, allowing water to drain. Allow your Myrtle Beach low deck construction experts at The Superior Contractors to build a low deck for you!

Myrtle Beach Deck Beam Construction

Deck beam construction is essential to a deck that lasts and is safe to use for many years. We assist homeowners with deck beam construction for repair, deck expansion, and new builds.

Myrtle Beach Deck Railing Construction

A sturdy deck railing construction is the hallmark of a well-built deck that lasts generations and provides safety for all users. Combining your deck with custom-made deck railing can give your deck personality and a polished look. At The Superior Contractors, we have extensive experience in Myrtle Beach deck railing construction.

Myrtle Beach Pool Deck Contractor

Whether your pool is above ground or near grade, we provide pool deck construction services that fit the look of your pool and its surrounding environment. As pool deck contractors, we understand how complicated this job can be. We take into account whether you use chlorine or saltwater to filter your pool, as this affects the materials that can be used for your pool deck construction, as well as evaluate the risk of cracking or settling. Of course, our custom pool deck construction will always prioritize your safety, and we will be sure to discuss local permit requirements and codes as we help you design the pool deck of your dreams.

Efficient Construction Deck

An efficient construction deck utilizes modern techniques and materials to provide reliable and long-lasting wear against the elements. Often made of composite or cellular PVC, efficient construction decks offer better quality in the long run.

By focusing on honesty and integrity in all that we do, we know that we are the best deck builders, boat dock contractors, and pool deck contractors in the Myrtle Beach area. Plus, at Superior Marine Landscaping and Fencing, LLC we stand by our craftsmanship with a one-year guarantee on all projects. Explore our deck construction services in more depth here. Give us a call at 843-593-2201 or request a free estimate!

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