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Finally, you have your piece of paradise by the water. You can enjoy sunsets out on the deck, go cruise around on the water, or simply relax out in the sun with the cool ocean breeze. This can all change in a hurry though with major storms washing away your piece of paradise. Protect your investment with a Myrtle Beach bulkhead construction company you can trust Superior Contractors.

Myrtle Beach Wood Bulkhead

What is a Bulkhead?

A bulkhead is essentially a barrier to help protect your waterfront property from the effects of erosion. Erosion is often thought as a long and drawn out process that occurs over many years. However, erosion can be swift and sudden. All it takes is a major storm or hurricane to arrive to wash away pieces of your property. Some states have laws regarding property that is washed away or becomes permanently underwater and it usually involves the property owner losing ownership of the underwater parts. Hiring Superior Contractors as your Myrtle Beach bulkhead construction company, you’ll not only get a superior product, but also honesty, integrity and reliable service. Besides protecting your property from the effects of erosion, bulkheads have other surprising uses as well.

Myrtle Beach Cement Bulkhead

Long Term Benefits

In the long run, the bulkhead will pay for itself. Erosion issues on your property can cost a fortune to remedy. By proactively working to protect your property before this happens, you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

Define Your Property

Your property is easily defined on maps and documents. However, how can you define it on the actual property? On land, you can use fencing to easily define your property. On the water, a bulkhead is effective at this. This can prevent disputes between neighbors and even protect your property from erosion coming from adjoining properties. If you are looking for a Myrtle Beach bulkhead construction company, come see us at Superior Contractors.

A Customized Look

A common misconception about bulkheads concerns their “industrial” look. Commonly, bulkheads are made from steel. However, depending on your preferences and area, there are a variety of other options including vinyl and treated wood. With any of these options, they can come in various colors to match your personal style or taste. Compared to seawalls, bulkheads are more versatile and can preserve the more natural appearance of your property by contouring to the property itself instead of imposing itself between a concrete seawall.

Regardless, by choosing Superior Contractors, your Myrtle Beach bulkhead construction company, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a quality product. At Superior Contractors, we only use the highest quality marine treated material in order for our projects to last.

Myrtle Beach Coastal Bulkhead

Still Want That Fence?

While it may be difficult to place posts around the water, a bulkhead can solve your problem. With a bulkhead, the ground is shored up into a neat and higher elevated package. Therefore, you can put that fence around your property.

Building a Dock?

If you are looking to build a dock on your property, then a bulkhead is a must. Docks that are anchored into the ground on your property can shift due to erosion or other natural events. By utilizing a bulkhead, you can have a solid anchor point, allowing you to save money from future maintenance costs down the line. It also allows the anchor point to be even, giving you and your visitors a better balanced and ultimately aesthetically pleasing dock. At the same time, docks can be aesthetically matched to your bulkhead giving uniformity and appeal. Super Contractors not only is your Myrtle Beach bulkhead construction company, but also a dock building one as well! We are a marine construction company in Myrtle Beach that can do it all.

A Quality Investment

A good bulkhead can last for many years depending on natural conditions and the material used to build the bulkhead. Vinyl bulkheads have been know to last for over 50 years. By building a bulkhead utilizing the Myrtle Beach bulkhead construction company, Superior Contractors, you will have a quality and quality product that will last.

Why Superior Contractors?

There are plenty of reasons to have a Myrtle Beach bulkhead construction company build your bulkhead. Superior Contractors have many years of experience and use only the highest quality marine treated material on the market. Not only is the business veteran-owned, but we also instill our values of honesty, integrity and reliability. We work hard to make sure our finished product is not just good enough for you, but superior to everyone else's in every other way. Besides bulkheads, we work on a variety of marine construction projects including docks, boat lifts and walkways. For more information request a free estimate.

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