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You finally have your dream home next to the water in Myrtle Beach. The only thing that is missing? A way to enjoy the water with your boat! With Superior Contractors, specializing in coastal marine construction in Myrtle Beach, you can have that Myrtle Beach boat dock lift installed at your home. This would give you direct access to the water without having to constantly trailer your boat to and from the ramp. By using us at Superior Contractors, we can provide superior boat lift installation in Myrtle Beach while giving you honesty, integrity and a commitment to outstanding results. With years of experience and a proven track record, we can get you the beautiful boat lift in Myrtle Beach that you have always wanted.

Why do you need a boat lift?

Myrtle Beach Boat Lift Construction

Easy Access to the Water

As previously mentioned, instead of constantly having to load your boat into a trailer. Then to and from the boat ramp, your boat is literally a button push away from being in the water. This ultimately saves you plenty of time getting out on the water. Whether you want to get out early on the water to fish, or to just cruise around, a Myrtle Beach boat dock lift is for you. Boat lift installation in Myrtle Beach can be done by Superior Contractors. We not only serve Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, but we have repair and installation services by an experienced contractor. On all our projects we provide free estimates, allowing you to make the best possible decision.

Adds Value to Your Home

Convenience is not the only thing you can gain by having Superior Contractors install your boat lift in Myrtle Beach. Many homes benefit from higher sale prices by having this feature on their home. Combined with a beautiful outdoor deck and bulkhead, you’ll not only have a place to park your boat, but a spacious outdoor space to enjoy! Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, a boat lift in Myrtle Beach is an attractive investment towards the value of the home. Boaters are looking for homes with boat dock lifts as it is a nice convenience to have with the home. A home with a boat lift that is ready to go upon purchase makes the home that much more valuable. Superior Contractors is prepared to handle all of the permits that are associated with a boat dock lift. Our extensive experience with decks, bulkheads, and boat lift installation in Myrtle Beach is a testament to our commitment to superior service with honesty and integrity.

Boat Protection

Your boat is a valuable asset that provides great experiences on the water from fishing to water skiing. Saltwater can do significant damage to your boat if left in the water. All it takes is a small crack in the gel coat for your boat to absorb salt water and for the materials to deteriorate. A Myrtle Beach boat dock lift protects your boat by lifting it out of the water for storage. After your day on the water, it is easier to spray off the bottom of your boat. By raising your boat out of the water, you can protect your boat from:

  • Corrosion - Saltwater is corrosive to many things. With metal fittings in constant contact with saltwater, rust will be quick to appear. If left untreated, these rust stains can create streaks across your boat. While cleaning these corrosion stains is not impossible, sometimes it may be challenging and expensive. Corroded metal parts need constant replacing which is another added expense.
  • Growth - If you plan on leaving your boat in the water for long periods of time, you may come back to find that marine life has taken hold under your boat. Marine growth in itself is not too much an issue. However, your boat will be slower due to the less aerodynamic shape and weight of the growth. By have a Myrtle Beach boat dock lift, you can keep marine growth at bay by keeping your boat out of the water.
  • Water Absorption - Most boats are made from fiberglass and resin, giving it full waterproofing abilities. This potent combination keeps water from being absorbed by fiberglass material which can lead to soft spots and a compromise in the structural integrity of the hull. A gel coat is usually applied to the hull to protect the fiberglass and resin from UV rays, which can break this combination down. However, a chip in the gel coat, combined with constant immersion in the water, can lead to hull issues and costly repair fees. By installing a Myrtle Beach boat dock lift, you can save yourself the hassle of these potentially expensive repairs.
  • Stains - The waters surrounding Myrtle Beach are some of the best around, drawing in thousands of visitors each year. However, if you keep a boat in the water for an extended period, you will start seeing a water stain around the waterline of the boat. This is due to the natural properties of the water as well as local pollution. Protect your boat from this unsightly stain by getting a boat lift in Myrtle Beach.

Types of Boat Lifts

There are various types of boat lifts to accommodate all kinds of available boats on the market. Whether you have a skiff to fish the flats to a cabin cruiser for going around the bay, at Superior Contractors, we can do the right boat lift installation in Myrtle Beach for you.

  • Elevator Boat Lifts in Myrtle Beach - The bottom structure of your location sometimes determines the type of boat lift you need. Some areas may be too deep to have traditional pilings, or the ground is too hard to get proper structure integrity for your boat lift. If this is the case, an elevator boat lift in Myrtle Beach may be for you. An elevator boat lift as an excellent option for restricted water-fronts.
  • Cantilever Boat Lift in Myrtle Beach - In areas with little to no fluctuations in water levels, a Myrtle Beach cantilever boat lift is a great option. This low-cost boat lift has minimal moving parts and a simple overall design. Made from aluminum, this simple boat lift is virtually maintenance free and can last for many years. If you are looking for a Myrtle Beach cantilever boat lift, let us at Superior Contractors install it for you.
  • Pontoon Boat Lift in Myrtle Beach - Superior Contractors, your Myrtle Beach boat lift installation experts, has various experience with multiple types of boat lifts. If you are looking for a Myrtle Beach pontoon boat lift, we can install that for you! A pontoon boat lift in Myrtle Beach is designed to take the newer and more powerful pontoon boats available in the market.

Why Go with Superior Contractors?

Superior Contractors has years of experience in coastal marine construction in Myrtle Beach. We work with a commitment to providing excellent results, along with honesty and integrity. Our work also comes with a one-year guarantee on all jobs performed. We not only do boat lift installation in Myrtle Beach, but we specialize in decks, walkways, and bulkheads. If you need to do any coastal marine construction in Myrtle Beach, contact us today!

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